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CCDSC aims to democratize and popularize scientific, technological and cultural knowledge by bringing science and culture to everyone. In order to achieve our mission, in the CCDSC we endeavour to :

  • Building a network of individual professionals and national and intern-Cloud1ational organizations, who are interested in popularizing scientific knowledge and culture to the general public.
  • Establishing a dynamic platform that connects research institutions, scientific communities, businesses, governments, and the general public including users and consumers together, overcoming barriers such as distance, language and economic and social contexts.
  • Translating Canadian literature (books, journals and magazines) to other languages to promote Canadian culture, transfer Canadian knowledge and showcase Canadian intellectual works to other parts of the world.
  • Building bridges and cooperative links based on mutual understanding, knowledge transfer and cultural exchange between Canada and other nations using knowledge dissemination and transfer.
  • Fostering international public awareness of Canadian Heritage and significant contributions in many scientific and cultural fields and disciplines.
  • Increasing science and culture readership among disadvantaged populations in developing countries through knowledge dissemination and transfer, along with providing scientific materials to those groups in various languages at little or no cost.
  • Popularizing scientific and technological culture in order to broaden target audience and transforming the public view of the scientific community from being an elite club into a more accessible and integral component of civilization, enlightenment and advancement.
  • Establishing multidimensional collaborative partnerships to support programs aimed at subsidizing scientific and cultural knowledge dissemination tools.
  • Developing and managing knowledge dissemination programs , including but not limited to :
    1. Organizing public engagement activities such as public meetings, workshops and exhibitions.
    2. Producing, publishing and commissioning knowledge dissemination and transfer print and non-print tools in different languages.
    3. Developing science and culture enrichment tools and activities, such as: teacher development workshops, community learning activities, think-tanks, and policy workshops.



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The Canadian Council for the Dissemination of Science and Culture

CCDSC Logo – Final

CCDSC Logo – Final
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